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Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Wheezah Feez By Amar's Band
There's a dog in the fog , caught in breez , saying , i am your biggest fan , Dont let it go..
Because you know i am a noob saying i dont know you , i like it most when u go to the Wheezah Feez! Theres a world in my mind that you went , to the dog , running thru the Drive thru ! I want cheese burger dont let that dog , GO STEAL MY BURGER..~~~
( Chorus )
COS you said i want it all , I go to the city , find it all .. What i want , all i need , a stink finky stinky finky Wheezah Feez dog.. All i want , all i need , all i say , what i do .. JUST A STINKY little dog spoiled my day , because u want to die~~~...

Because you know i am a noob , (TONIGHT) x4
Cos your a stinky little dog spoiled it alll..


at 8:09 PM

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wondering what Questionmerg means? It's actually my email ..!! and also MY MSN.....Welcome this logo was made from me.. It's called The Piece Of Gay..He is like actually a gay.. Saying my email rocks..HAHAHAHAH.. His head.. Hi beard... His eyes... His big pointy sharp long long long nose that can pop up out of my eye.... HILARIOUS..NOT..
WHERE does this word QUESTIONMERG of mine comes from? Actually it comes from The word QuestionMark which is ? <<.. (?) ( something ) the something is the logo.. Then when i want to create a youtube account with the name QuestionMark , It is TAKEN..NAME wasters! So i just edit some of the back words..So it became QUESTIONMERG...
Why questionmerg and not questionShit? I dont know lol , Why don't you ask me later shithead.
Shithead : awwch..

at 10:45 PM

It's Sunday 15.And somebody in my family is cranky and irritating about his skateboard...YEAH my brother is..Everyday he concern about his shitting rotten skateboard,and like yesterday he kicked my spine,I tried to use my board and smash it in his face..HAHA thats nice.. Enjoy this video.Made by Amar! You can also go to to see..About this video is a documentary about him and camera man shooting videos around..This video was made with SA-MP v0.3a..If only i could destroy my brother's skateboard without being noticed..Hehehehe that would be COOOOL~~~~My board was ruined coz of him.RUINED! Okay the video is ready for u too see!!BOOMBAAM, Credits goes to
Amar ( Director )
Amar ( Producer )
Tony ( The person in the game )
CameraMan ( the person who shoots the camera )
Fraps ( The thing i used to record )
THE END!Subcribe to GTAjokes.

at 7:08 PM

Friday, November 13, 2009
My father bake kookie with donno what salt so i just called it , kookie the rookie!!BAAM that's nice..So as the kookie rookie.You can buy a packet of cookies at $7.50.. Just call 999 and that's it.. :D Joking arhs larh..Don't cry larh .. Not my problem lalalala..BACK TO KOOKIE ROOKING
hehe thank you advertisment person that i never met before in my whole life..Maybe twice but not thrice!!! UHUH..
One peace of little bit of little little little little litte little little little little litte little of the little little of the little cost $3040204020402042040240,39239239293293293929329. So Buy today :D
HAHAHAH JOKING larhz.. OMG dont tell :(..!!!!!!!!!DONT TELL MY ADVERTISER PLEASE PLEASE, i dont want to meet him for the 3rd TIME!!!!!ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I'm gonna kill you some days..
3 Days Later .....
Urhhs. My head...Feels like a rotten mango shiango..
Knock Knock..
Who's There?
Shiango who?
Rotten Mango Shiango..
Lol he look like a shit, maybe he iss???


at 11:35 PM

Its the day where we go family outing! Yeah .. It's 2.01 PM now and I aint got nothing to do , sitting around waiting for the time to come..Hehe waiting, waiting, waiting,I'm waiting i'm waiting..Waiting until i die YEAH! I'm waiting my fathers baking cookie YEAH! I'm drink orange juice like a 1 Years old boy..Yesterday is Friday 13 and yesterday nothing happened to me , What is the good thing is i didn't come to school! Yeah thats good not bad..

Yesterday was a record , bought 3 kinderbrunos and 1 mentos in 1 time.. HAHAHAHAHA ate 2 and my brother ate 1 , my sister also ate a bar of mine so i ate 2 3/4.. My sister also took my brother's so my brothers is 1 3/4 .. My sister ate 2 bars.. She said she just wanted 1 , but she took 2 ! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... Ahahahaha ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh hahahaha ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH.. :(

at 10:00 PM

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

!!!School!!! bored... November 10 2009..


School was terrible..Yeah , i got my report book Yeah my teacher got mad until her face turned red... I sacrifise my recess to help teacher! Waste my time... And she got mad..I got to shift everybodys report book..I'm not the only one but it's tiring..KNOW that?? Now kids.. Dont do stupid things, i'm warning ya..I did and i got warned by the person i warn too, sounds stupid but it isn't okay?
Back to school..SHIT! After recess , i have 50% like and don't like..Director of Beauty of the beast came to our school and like ask us to sing and narate on our own . 50% of i like is because it's held in air-con room , 50% i don't like is its embarrassing.
Woah very scary you KNOW!

at 3:42 AM